Swimming training
for Kids in Dubai

Your kid will improve swimming and stay healthy.
Trainings are with professional kids swimming coaches
I Love Supersport SWIMMING Kids is the swimming school for kids who want to progress in swimming and reach desired goals each and every day!
Reasons to choose ILSS Swimming School:
We know your expectations and will always be working on them
Improvement of your kid's swimming technique, speed and distance
plus many other aspects of efficient swimming.
We deliver results
You will know the progress of your child's swimming via progress report.
Goals oriented training for your kid
Setting and reaching goals continuously with the coach,
accomplishing targets and achieving medals.
Great location
Training sessions are conducted at Springdales School, Al Quoz. Personal classes are available all over Dubai
Training system
Our main focuses in training process:
Kids learn how to swim and overcome fear of water
Strength & Conditioning
Complex training for young athletes
Work in a team and find new friends
Fall in love with swimming and enjoy healthy lifestyle
Swimming Squads
Stream Squad
Kids will be taught intermediate skills and learn swim competitions rules. Strokes' correction during classes.
Session duration: 1hr
Requirements: fundamental strokes (25m)
Lake Squad
Process of putting competition rules into practice. Kids develop intermediate skills under the coach guidance.
Session duration: 1hr
Requirements: time trials of specific strokes
Sea Squad
Kids will do intense swimming intervals (km) and learn new advanced skills and techniques.
Session duration: 1.5hrs
Requirements: competition rules knowledge, time trials
Ocean Squad
Dryland exercises during the first 30mins. 3.5km+ swim each session, hard training and intense workouts.
Session duration: 2hrs
Requirements: all professional skills needed, time trials
No need to rush. Try single class before
joining the full program
Apply to book your first group or personal session. Our manager will contact you shortly and tell more.
Frequently Asked Questions
How many kids are in each squad?
Each Squad has 10-20 swimmers maximum depending on the level
When will my child move up a level?
Your kid need to meet the requirements of the time trials plus coach can decide when too
Will my kid be participating in competitions?
Yes, we will have several competitions to attend
What program do the coaches follow?
We follow a British program combining with the experience of the coaches. All coaches follow the same program across all squads
Are the coaches CPR/Safety certified?
Yes, all coaches have CPR and lifeguard certificates
Parents about our
Swimming Coaching
Dubai is a transit city for many, it is difficult to find permanent things, more difficult a good swimming coach, that combines good training with funny moments and children are relaxed but very focused on obtaining good results. Thanks to I Love Supersport for giving us the opportunity to have in Jake Kuiper, our coach, the friend and the educator for our children in one person.

Reinol Alvares
Ocean Squad
Since joining I Love Supersport Swimming Dubai under coach Jake's guidance our childrens' swimming has progressed phenomenally. Nadia's and Amin's technique, fitness and general attitude towards training have blossomed out of sight. Nadia's great results in Middle School Squad and Amin's in Junior U10 Squad are a true testament to the friendly and inclusive culture at the club where great respect, pride and determination flourishes from kids and their coaches.

Rada Kurban
Sea and Ocean Squad
Stream Squad
starting from AED 1140
per term (12 weeks)
Lake Squad
starting from AED 1200
per term (12 weeks)
Sea Squad
starting from AED 1260
per term (12 weeks)
Ocean Squad
starting from AED 1320
per term (12 weeks)
We are the Largest Endurance School in the world
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